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The Bioenergy Code Review

Is it Possible To Manifest Health and Wealth When The World Feels Like It’s falling apart? 100% Yes.

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“...I can't sleep without it anymore.”

Hi Friends..

…A few weeks ago everything just falls to pieces. I thought that was the end for me. I lost everything, my house but most of all my faith.

I bought your Manifestation Magic and in less than a week a lot has changed. I was always in fear of what will happen to me and all of a sudden my puzzles pieces are coming back again…

…I’m listening to every day and night all my audios and I can’t sleep without it anymore.

I can only say WOW for everything you did for me and a change in my lifestyle. Thank you I really appreciate it.


                                                                                                                                                    > Adam Erhart

    What's New in The Bioenergy Cede?

    Based on feedback from members we’ve upgraded the entire Manifestation Program to create version 2.0.

    The main changes include:

    1. New harmonic brainwave entrainment “pulsing”. This helps the brain reach deeper, more optimal states for manifesting more quickly and easily.

    2. The “hypnotic suggestions” are now more focused on the desires members told us they wanted the most help with. One of the biggest focuses is now on releasing fears around money. So, you can spend without worrying and trust that everything, including debts and bills are taken care of.

    3. We’ve utilized new “QFT” (The Quantum Freedom Technique) technology to tune into your vibration and help you become a vibrational match for what you truly desire.

    What can you achieve after this program?

    1. You’ll effortlessly remove hidden fears around receiving money, feelings of disempowerment, beliefs about unworthiness, confusion about your purpose and mission in life.

    2. You will clear away “Abundance Blocks,” while new beliefs about receiving abundance quickly take hold. You don’t have to do anything else. The tracks do all the work raising your vibration, and clearing away the negative programming that’s been holding you back for YEARS.

    3. You will change your patterns on the deepest levels of the subconscious levels no other program reaches. Like the “Daytime Wealth Activator” audio track that quietly reprograms your mind for wealth as you play games on your Ipad or complete housework.

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